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WordPress Advanced Security and SEO Plugin Mastery

WordPress has become a major player in developing websites. Be proud of a professional-looking site and be the envy of your competitors. Most sites created in WordPress don’t have a professional look and are all very similar.I know many tips and tricks to create a powerful WordPress website. I am a teacher with many many years experience and so I will now teach you what you can achieve.

I will initially run you through a simple technique to add external files to your WordPress site. What this can do is allow you to update files without going through WordPress.

Next, I will show you the WordPress basics. These will cover layout, posts,categories,tags and more. On top of these are the visual elements, the themes and widgets. These help portray your message much more.

Safety is important when using the computer and so is taking backups. I will show you how to export your information.

Plugins are powerful tools to improve a basic site into something with much more power. I will show you the best plugins for improving your experience. These cover major improvements and add some powerful features. Enhancing your site is easy and I shall show you:

  • contact form
  • social sharing
  • custom thumbnails
  • custom sitemaps

Security is paramount when having anything public. There are some bad people out there, even on the Internet. I will show you how to protect your site and especially the login. Imagine the login page as your front door, well your door is not that strong. Spam is a problem with automatically generated form filling bots. You can simply stop all that instantly. Updates are another area to help with improving your site. If you don’t update then you might be missing out on important updates from the developers.

The last section to teach you is to optimize your site. Its not enough to be secure and have cool widgets, if it’s not quick enough then people will close your page. You need to SEO your site and keep it clean. Your database can get bloated.

I hope what I’ve shown you can help you. Why not enroll and let’s get started!Thanks, Nigel.

Who is the target audience?
  • For all people that want to have a site to be proud of and to be capable of impressing website viewers with a higher quality WordPress site.
  • For all people that have a basic WordPress site and want to be able to add more functionality.


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