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WordPress Security The Ethical Hacker Way

Watch over a hacker’s shoulder as he implements his own WordPress security.

Created by ethical hackers, this course shows you how to secure your WordPress like a hacker does – step by step.

The course is divided into four sections from beginner to advanced.

Section 1: The Very Basics (skip if you’re experienced)

In this section you’ll discover the quick and dirty ticks that will take you mere minutes but will considerably increase your WordPress Security. You’ll discover things such as:

Assassinating spam
Using the single most important WordPress Security Plugin

Section 2: Hacker’s Frustration

In this more advanced section you’ll learn techniques that will frustrate any hacker trying to to get access to your WordPress website. You’ll discover techniques to help:

Protect your admin area
Protect your admin account, even if your password is stolen
Lock out offenders

Section 3: Advanced WordPress Security

In the advanced WordPress Security section you will discover little known secrets and tricks to securing WordPress. Some of these techniques are somewhat controversial.

Protect a very important WordPress file

Secure WordPress database
Other tricks to throw hackers off track

Section 4: Bonus – Interview with a WordPress Hacker

In the last section, you’ll watch a interview with an actual WordPress ethical hacker where we discuss weaknesses and ways to securing WordPress websites.

This course is created and presented in a “How To” manner, where you’ll dive immediately into implementing the best WordPress security measures. Watch the short videos for easy step by step instructions that anyone can follow.

Even if you’re a newbie you’ll find the videos very easy to follow.

You’re merely and hour away from implementing the best security for your WordPress website!


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